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The Insurance Justice Center is dedicated to helping individuals get necessary help after an accident. Whether you were the injured party or you caused the accident, chances are you have fallen prey to the insurance companies’ methods of denying, delaying and disputing the claims.


Have you recently been in an accident or caused an accident and don’t know where to turn? Are you fighting with insurance companies and feel helpless? We will advocate for you and help you understand your rights. Because when an insurance company tries to take advantage of you, they are acting in bad faith.


The Insurance Justice Center is here to go to bat for you. We expose insurer tactics and provide expert legal advice for those who need it.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Attorney Jill Presley practices law to help people in need of personal injury representation. Beginning her legal career as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County, Missouri, she helped victims of violent crimes and sexual crimes and diligently worked to bring perpetrators to justice.


Now as a Presley & Presley partner, Jill continues to advocate for those in need, devoting her practice to a variety of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle and aviation accidents, as well as insurance bad faith claims.


Jill recently helped reach a notable verdict in the bad faith insurance matter Skow vs American Family, in which numerous individuals were injured as a result of an underlying bus accident. The jury returned a verdict of $1 million, with an additional $10 million in punitive damages for the plaintiff.

Late Claim Payments

Attorney Kirk Presley has been fighting for justice for over 35 years. He has become a guiding voice for attorneys in the personal injury and insurance bad faith fields and a champion for his clients facing complex and daunting legal matters. 


As founder of the firm Presley & Presley, Kirk serves clients facing the most complex and significant plaintiff’s personal injury cases involving insurance bad faith, transportation accidents and more. Kirk’s litigation practice seeks to help his clients while applying pressure on industries that have a history of wrongful and negligent actions.


Kirk has become a foremost authority in the insurance bad faith arena, setting records for the largest verdicts such as the pivotal Johnson v. Allstate, in which a jury returned a verdict of $16.5 million; Skow v. American Family, in which a jury awarded the plaintiff $11 million; and a record-setting settlement of $15 million on a $100,000 insurance policy. 

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